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SoulMan9 grew up listening to Jodeci, Boyz ll Men, Blackstreet, Keith Sweat, Changing Faces, SWV, TLC, Aaliyah and so on. He lives, sleeps and eats R&B and Soul music. Keep an eye out for more of his work. You can subscribe and become a member of our community. 

We have been waiting with excitement to bring you SoulMan9 first production album. There are fully completed amazing tracks like 'Move Me, Have we Lost and It's With U. Other tracks that have only hooks are ready and waiting for vocals. So feel free and contact us if your the one with the right vocals. click here to contact us.

We want to thank the founder of Unison and his team for helping us with Have we Lost. We also want to thank the good people at Cymatics for letting us use the acapellaha from Euphoria 'Leave this Place' We also like to thank Niko for his amazing MIDI packs, Unison to.

All copy rights to these tracks belong to ©Qi7 Music

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