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This instrumental album is produced by our pioneer and leading Grime producer NW9. NW9 grew up in North West London a multicultural hub. Here’s what he had to say about his musical influences and the history of Grime music.

Grime as a genre is the first complete type of music from urban life in Britain. We all grew up listening to ragger from Jamaica and the Caribbean, Hip hop/Rap from America, House from America, Techno and Trance from Europe. We loved and still love these genres but they never really represent us as young urban British listeners.

The birth of Jungle Music later renamed as Drum and Bass is the first original urban British sound. This was amazing at the time but it was missing the vocal/rapping part. Later UK Garage came into the clubbing scene. This UK sound elevated the vocal/rapping part. But it was still too gimmicky and childlike. No disrespect to the UK Garage rappers they were laying the foundation to what came next; of course this is Grime.

If we take a moment to look back at the UK Garage sound, you’ll see it came about to take the pressure from the Jungle/Drum and Bass scene. It was there to help stop the violence in club and allow all different types of people to come together and enjoy the clubbing scene. Similar to the Acid raves in the 80s and the 60s peace and love movements. Therefore there was a need to keep the lyrics light and loving. The lyrics didn’t represent what was happening but more what should be happening.

In Grime the lyrics are all about what’s happening to the rapper and his/her environment. Also in Grime the rapper and sound are equal. You can listen to the vocals and be transformed by the narrative or just dance to the beat. Here’s the important part it’s 100% British.

All these tracks from this album are available for collaboration or purchase please contact us by clicking here.

All rights to this instrumental album belong to ©Qi7 Music.


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