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This album of instrumentals was made by our leading Hip Hop producer K9. Producer K9 was introduce to Hip Hop in the 90s. When he heard artists such as Ice Cube, Ice T and groups such as N.W.A and Public Enemy he instantly knew he found his musical home. Here is what he had to say about his encounter with Hip Hop music.

I was waiting for a friend so we could make our way to school together. When a random stranger walks up to me and gives me a tape. I said what’s this? He said take it home and listen to it. I said what is it; he replayed just take it home and listen to. I said how am I going to get it back to you? He said don’t worry I’ll find you and he walked of. I looked at the tape to see what was written on it as the man was walking away. The tape read Ice Cube Death Certificate. As I finished reading the tape I saw my friend and I placed the tape in my bag and we made our way to school.

First thing I did when I got home was to listen to the tape. I liked it, so I made a copy of it. I kept the original with me every day hoping I’ll find the owner so I can give it back to him. I did, only he found me at the same spot.

A year went by and I and my family moved to a new neighbourhood. I wanted to continue going to the same school so I had to catch two buses to get there. Luckily for me on my birthday that year we moved I got a Walkman. At the time I never really collected music in any form. I would listen to music whenever the radio was on or we were watching Top of the Pops; remember that TV show? Anyway, I needed something to listen to on my way to school and back; then I remembered the Ice Cube tape.

Wow. Listening to the tape with the Walkman changed the whole listening experience. I asked my friends have you heard of this tape? They said yeah and looked at me like I showed them bread, grass or a rock. I was like, okay, so do you have any more tapes like this. They all said yeah and I said let me borrow them. All I did on my way to school and back was to listen to Hip Hop. I still have the Walkman and a bag full of tapes.

All these tracks from this album are available for collaborate or purchase please contact us by clicking here.

All copy rights to the tracks in this instrumental album belong to ©Qi7 Music

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