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We used to sneak into this club on the sea front in Brighton. We had no IDs so we would come into this club while it was a bar. You see during the day it was a bar and around 9 in the evening it would turn into a night club. It would open its downstairs area and entrance and close the bar entrance upstairs. Now, if you’re in the bar area when it becomes a night club, all you had to do was just walk down

the stairs and you would be in the main night club area; no ID needed job done. 

The name of the club was Escape. Most night they would play dance music, mostly House, some Drum and Bass. Here is where my love for dance music started. Therefore I thought it would be fitting to name myself after the place I found dance music, hence Escape9.

Bird Boy is one of my favourite tracks on this album. I was watching a group of birds flying by the sea front near where Escape night club use to be. I wanted to create those same movements but in a dance track. I wanted a few instruments to come in and then fly away like the birds.

I really enjoyed creating this album I hope you enjoy it as much as I have making it. If you want to buy or collaborate with us on any of the tracks on this album click here to contact us. 

All copy rights to this album Cloud9 belong to ©Qi7 Music

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